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Who is the face and Builder behind Eazy Buildz

When engaging Eazy Buildz for your next project we understand that you are putting alot of trust into us!

So let us explain to you the person you are trusting....

The Owner and Builder of Eazy Buildz.........

Tony Cox

Tony started Eazy Buildz in October 2015 after deciding that he wanted to run his own business in the building industry. Tony is driven to delivering projects that he can say to people that "He Built That".

Eazy Buildz is a small family run business with everyone that is part of the team including the contractors have been working together since the start of Eazy Buildz.

Tony's Background

So what did Tony do before Eazy Buildz......

Before Eazy Buildz Tony spent many years in the insurance industry from repairing to assessing water leaks to natural disasters (Cyclone Yasi and Brisbane Floods)

After this Tony decided to go back to "school" and undertake his Diploma in Project Management and start project managing large council and government projects. Ranging from $10,000 to $1M.

From this Tony has gained a large amount of experience in order to manage and complete your next building project.

Tony has the experience to work with the client from the initial concept through budgets and then delivering your project.

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